Federal Firearms License (FFL)

At Versatool & Die We Hold a Type 07 Federal Firearms License (FFL).

Federal Firearms License Type 7 Manufacturer
Versatool & Die Machining and Engineering is a registered Type 7 FFL Manufacturer offering sub-contracting services to a variety of firearms and NFA companies. The Federal Firearms License Class 07 is a Title 1 manufacturer of firearms, ammunition and ammunition components other than NFA, Destructive Devices and Armor Piercing ammunition.

If your company is looking to expand your production capabilities without the extra expense of additional machinery, please give us a call at 1-608-365-3621. We offer many types of manufacturing services from prototype parts to full production runs.   We have and maintain working relationships with registered parts finishing vendors for anodizing, QPQ (salt bath nitriding), phosphate, and other firearms coatings.